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Ian Norton at
Mon Jun 25 15:08:41 BST 2012

Hi Dave,

> Is there an easy way to clone a Strawberry Perl installation (including
> any installed CPAN modules) across multiple PCs?

Strawberry Perl distributes as an MSI so it should be possible to deploy it
with group policy (though my experience of this is zero our IT guys have
done this for us).

As for the modules, it should be possible to push them to the machines via
an admin share using samba assuming you have an account with admin rights
on the machines.

> I know next to nothing about Strawberry Perl. But there must be a way to
> take an installation from one machine and copy it onto another. Even if
> it's a low-tech as copying the CPAN library directory.

Someone with experience of install shield should be able to pull the MSI in
for you, add in the additional files and then create you a new MSI I
believe (or something along those lines).  Depends if your client has the
required tools and expertise.

Chat with a colleague revealed -

p.s. Yes, I should probably look at supplying VM images for this. That's an
> idea for the future.

That would be a cool resource ;)

Ian Norton
Co-Leader North West England Perl Mongers (

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