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Dominic Thoreau dominic at thoreau-online.net
Sat Jul 14 14:01:33 BST 2012

On 14 July 2012 13:40, Guinevere Nell <guinevere.nell at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello list,
> I've been a fly on the wall for a while - I am originally a NY.pm girl, and
> hope soon to join in the social and technical activities of london.pm, but
> as I am no longer perl programmer full time, and quite busy, I have not yet
> had the chance. In any case, today I have a question actually from my
> husband who works as a web developer both full-time and contract and is
> looking for a new web hosting company for himself and some of his clients.
> I suggested Bluehost, but it is based in the US and so he would not be able
> to call them (easily/cheaply) in emergencies.
> His Question: What is a decently priced British-based web hosting company,
> not so large that it can be slowed by all the accounts, with good customer
> service, an easy interface and the ability to host unlimited add-on domains
> on a single account?
> Cheers, thanks for the help.

Without having anyone in mind, and probably in the future wanting to
ask the same question myself, I'd want further details.

What do you specifically want?
- A directory where you can upload files, and have them be on a
website automagically?
- Ability to host arbitrary scripts without too much oversight by the
company (because that would take too long, you trust your / your
husbands ability to write secure code), although given you're on a
perl mongers list I'd hope for at least this
- A virtual machine that you can set up to your own needs ?
- Dedicated machines?

My own personal needs would probably want a virtual machine, but that
might just be me.

Nonnullus unus commodo reddo is mihi.

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