Which sucks least? Sky, Talktalk to BT broadband?

lesleyb@herlug.org.uk lesleyb at herlug.org.uk
Fri Aug 31 13:56:22 BST 2012

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 07:15:21AM +0100, Andrew Beattie wrote:
> i am moving out of the london.pm area, into a broadband wasteland in PA17 5DA, where the nearest exchange is here:
> http://www.samknows.com/broadband/exchange/WSWEM
> What, in the option of London.pm would be my least lame broadband option?
> Andrew
Coming in a bit late, avoid talktalk.
How they got 41% customer satisfaction I have no idea.

We're on BT Infinity which is good, with great speed but then we're fairly
close to the cabinet.

Otherwise I would always prefer Zen - good people, great service, fixed IP

Unfortunately for you it looks like a stark choice between BT and Sky.

Hope you have fun 


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