Which sucks least? Sky, Talktalk to BT broadband?

William Blunn bill+london.pm at blunn.org
Sat Sep 1 14:22:47 BST 2012

On 31/08/2012 13:56, lesleyb at herlug.org.uk wrote:
> Unfortunately for you it looks like a stark choice between BT and Sky.

The choice is between

Any provider that re-sells BT Wholesale ADSL services.

If we eliminate TalkTalk on the grounds of low satisfaction rating, then 
the choice becomes

Any provider that re-sells BT Wholesale ADSL services.

Writing "BT" makes it look like the only choice is BT (retail) broadband.

If BT Wholesale has ADSL service at the exchange, then one can choose 
any reseller who provides service using BT Wholesale ADSL services. This 
includes BT retail, but there are many other providers who can provide 

By way of example, for two providers providing service over BT Wholesale 
ADSL, Which? customer satisfaction rate satisfaction as:

BT (retail) 46%
PlusNet 73%

So, leading people into BT (retail) might not be a great idea.

Don't get me wrong, some people (46% according to Which?) are perfectly 
happy with BT (retail) broadband.

But if all other things were sufficiently similar, then one might as 
well pick the one with the higher satisfaction rating.

If all other things are not sufficiently similar, then it comes down to 
other things, which can't be accommodated with a potted answer.



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