Italian Perl Workshop 2012 newsletter #2 - Talks, Per Course, Events, Sponsors

Michele Beltrame mb at
Thu Sep 6 18:08:55 BST 2012

Hello all!

A bit off topic, but I hope some of you could be interested in coming to 
IPW in Bologna in about one month. We'll also be holding a 
late night meeting there... :-)

So here we are with the second Italian Perl Workshop 2012 newsletter. 
The conference will happen on October 11th and 12th in Bologna, at the 
CNR Research Area. The workshop will feature talks both in Italian and 
English language.


We're happy to announce some of the already confirmed talks.

     - Data::Query - cutting edge SQL query generation with Perl
     - Web::Simple - micro web framework
     - Cassandra - writing a Cassandra client in Perl
     - uWSGI and PSGI‎ - the technology which powers a lot of cloud services
     - Perl 6 - writing regular expressions in Perl 6
     - Slic3r - Perl and 3D printing
     - Modern Perl... in italian - presentation of the Italian 
translation of chromatic's Modern Perl book
     - First steps with GCL


The Call for Papers is still open and IPW needs you: submit you talks!!!

This year's conference theme is Perl Jubilee, to celebrate 25 years of 
the language. The theme is however loose, and talks not related to it 
are well accepted (and we'd also like to accept a few of not so 
"perlish" ones).

Please submit your proposals here:


A basic Perl Course will be help on October 1th, 2012, the day before 
the workshop. The course will be in Italian language and run by Stefano 
Rodighiero, author of the Pocket Perl book.

The course is free, just subscribe here:


We're organizing a few events related to the workshop. If you are 
interested (and you should!), click on the appropriate links to see the 

     - Pre-workshop meeting: the not-to-be-missed social event. Link:
     - Attendees dinner: on the evening of Thursday 11 October we'll 
hold the traditional IPW attendees dinner. Link:
     - Training run: it's also important to be in good health, so there 
will be a run in Bologna parks and hills. Link:
     - late night pub crawl: going from pub to pub in the 
Bologna students area until we can hold no more; the pub crawl will 
happen after the attendees dinner. Link:


A big thank you to our sponsors: without them IPW would be impossible to 
organize. Our sponsors are: Booking.Com, Seeweb, musixmatch, Netlogica, 
Italpro, Geoesse, Leader.It, O’Reilly Media, No Starch Press, Pragmatic 


The Parma GNU/Linux User Group organizes, on September 15th (at 3pm) the 
"Aperitivo con il Bosone di Higgs". Information (in Italian language) is 
available here:

IPW is you chance to visit Bologna!

IPW web site:

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