Perl syntax highlighting

Dave Cross dave at
Fri Oct 26 09:15:13 BST 2012

Quoting William Blunn < at>:

> So I was wondering if there was a known good Perl syntax highligher.  
> All suggestions gratefully received; suggestions of the form  
> "FooHighLight version >= 2.71828" score bonus points.

I don't know about "known good", but here's what I use in various places.

On (Movable Type) we use a GCPrettify plugin[1] which  
is a wrapper around prettify.js[2].

On Perlhacks[3] (Wordpress), I use a plugin called Syntax Highlighter  
for WordPress[4] which is a wrapper around SyntaxHighlighter[5].

On my code web site[6] I use something I hacked together using  
PPI::HTML[7]. I should see if enough of that is useful enough to  
publish it somewhere.

I'm not sure if any of these solutions fix your specific issues.



[6] See e.g.

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