Proprietary Sybase DBI/DBD module

Wed Oct 31 17:21:51 GMT 2012

On 30 Oct 2012, at 18:02, Uri Guttman <uri at> wrote:

> On 10/30/2012 01:35 PM, DAVID HODGKINSON wrote:
>> Chris,
>> Can you define "proprietary" please?
>> It will be shipped with .so files?
>> The source will be there but the license says we can't change it?
> it seems pretty obvious to me. the sybase people have written a new driver which is being released in binary only form (hence proprietary)

Talking with Chris last night, that may not be the case.

> and also they have written a DBD for it which they will (or have) put on cpan. as usual the DBD will be open source and free. i would expect the binary lib to downloadable but useless without a sybase server which is commercial.

There's a free, limited version available. I've used it to develop against
in the past.

> the confusion is from not clearly describing the binary lib vs the perl/cpan DBD module as separate entities.

This is true.

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