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Daniel Mantovani daniel.oliveira.mantovani at
Mon Nov 26 15:59:37 GMT 2012

Dave Hodgkinson, I agree with you.

Why don't we start an event for everybody with different's kind of subjects to attract people from others groups ? 
*The Perl community just do events for Perl community*, and people "afraid" of Perl will be always outside from the circle.
We should start do events with another name, to attract people *from everywhere*, and than we show how Perl is fantastic.

The solution is simple and we already know that, so let's start talk how fantastic I can solve the problem foo in Perl in a Ruby event, let's talk about Perl in a PostgreSQL event and so go on. And people we will see Perl how Perl really are.


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On Nov 26, 2012, at 9:11 AM, Dave Hodgkinson <davehodg at> wrote:

> What with having Copious Free Time recently, I've been attending
> a fair few start-up and online tech meetups. They all have one thing
> in common: people turn their noses up at perl. Last week at Hacker 
> News Network, among a turnout of 500 people, I saw one other known
> perlmonger. At AngelHack a few weeks ago, among a similar turnout,
> I suspect I was the only person knocking up a prototype in perl.
> And we wonder in a sea of PHP and Rails why no-one registers perl
> as a good solution.
> We may have the best tools in the business but that's no help if we
> don't get out there and demonstrate our technologies.
> Yes, LPW was great, but where, outside our fishbowl, is perl showing
> what it can do and how easily it can do it?
> Does no-one else get the urge to get out there and see what mad
> problems need solving?

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