Perl outreach

Peter Sergeant pete at
Mon Nov 26 19:28:23 GMT 2012

Fundamentally we fail to answer the question "Why Perl?"

Sure the tools are good. But the common view seems to be that for every
good tool Perl has, Ruby or Python have its own (perhaps superior) version.
Plack is neat, but a Perl project named after the Ruby port of a Python
tool isn't a USP.

Find a way to compellingly answer "Why Perl (over Ruby or Python)?" in a
way that growth communities (proggit, hackernews) understand and you'll
have started to find a solution. "Testing is a bit better", "Catalyst is a
bit more grown up than Rails", and "CPAN is like Ruby Gems only a bit
*handwave* better" don't really cut it.

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