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Salve J Nilsen at
Mon Nov 26 20:12:38 GMT 2012

Peter Sergeant said:
> Fundamentally we fail to answer the question "Why Perl?"


Here's my current pitch.

  «So you want to write some useful software? Learn from Perl. We in 
the Perl community saw what happened when one just focuses "getting 
stuff done" without spending any attention on software life-cycle 
management. So, what did we learn? Write software that is easy to 
understand and fun to read. In fact, try to write software that one 
only needs to read once, but that one *wants* to read twice. This is 
difficult, but less so with Perl. You need a language that is flexible 
and malleable enough so you can express the intention of your code in 
the way that is best for your readers. This is where Perl shines. If 
you wield the tool well you can make wonderful things, and if you 
don't you'll probably end up making crap.»

Comments? :)

- Salve (one of those guys)

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