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Mark Keating m.keating at
Wed Nov 28 18:04:23 GMT 2012

On 28/11/2012 16:22, Ian Norton wrote:
>> Is it dead? It seems to be 2011 right now. Which I don't mind,
>> it was a pretty good year.
> Very much alive and well and looking for your cash!  ;)
> Hmmm, that probably needs updating...
> Ian,
It does need updating.

/me adds it to the list and realises that he needs to show new EPO 
minion how to update that area of the site so it can be done :)

Thanks for the notice guys. Dave please tell the developer that we will 
be running this once again, the call will go out in January for 
applications and yes they will need a visa and we can offer advice but 
they have to get that. The best we can do is present a letter explaining 
the initiative and the fact that it isn't a fake offer of work. That 
seemed to work for Umer who was a Pakistan national last year.



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