Kindle Fire

Dave Cross dave at
Thu Nov 29 16:45:00 GMT 2012

Quoting Mark Keating <m.keating at>:

> I would like some informed opinion on the Kindle Fire, a friend is  
> thinking of buying one as a gift for a partner, I could use the  
> review sites but I don't know those people, I do know and like (hey  
> LPW is still bubbling through my veins forgive the crush) you people.
> So, good idea, bad idea? Is there something better for the same-ish  
> cost that isn't breaking the bank iPad mini level (I like the Nexus  
> personally but don't own one).
> Your responses are thanked for in advance.

I don't know anyone who has bought a Kindle Fire.

I know many people who have bought a Nexus 7. None of them regret that  

I can't really see any reason to choose the Kindle Fire over the Nexus  
7. You can install the Kindle app on the N7 and then anything that you  
can do on the Kindle Fire.

Looks like the cheapest Kindle Fire is about £30 cheaper than the  
cheapest N7. For that saving you seem to get tied more tightly into  
the Amazon ecosystem.

I'd recommend the Nexus 7 every time.


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