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Mallory van Achterberg stommepoes at
Thu Nov 29 19:37:12 GMT 2012

Kindles, watch out.

This is why people crack DRM: to prevent Amazon from stealing your
books you've paid for. Though you are in the UK which makes a world
of difference, but I don't know where this partner of a friend lives.

Since I follow the blind and low vision groups, all I hear is the
complaining that the Kindle is pretty much the only major e-reader
that doesn't work with VoiceOver (the screen reader that comes with
OSX/iOS). So this also doesn't affect you (I don't think), but to
me these two things give Amazon and Kindles a negative light that
I haven't heard of with Nexus.

Things like weight and how the partner likes to read may factor in
(do they like holding a book up with one hand? or is two normally
used? Would they be bothered by the UI or is it so good they wouldn't
even notice it?) more than anything else.


On Thu, Nov 29, 2012 at 04:28:26PM +0000, Mark Keating wrote:
> I would like some informed opinion on the Kindle Fire, a friend is
> thinking of buying one as a gift for a partner, I could use the
> review sites but I don't know those people, I do know and like (hey
> LPW is still bubbling through my veins forgive the crush) you
> people.
> So, good idea, bad idea? Is there something better for the same-ish
> cost that isn't breaking the bank iPad mini level (I like the Nexus
> personally but don't own one).
> Your responses are thanked for in advance.
> -mdk
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