cpan you have to see

Anthony Lucas anthonyjlucas at
Wed Dec 12 12:55:12 GMT 2012

> On 12 Dec 2012, at 12:12, Leon Brocard <acme at> wrote:
> I congratulate Alexej on joining the CPAN authors club. Instead of making fun
> of him on a mailing list why not engage with him and help him improve?

No one is really making fun of him. I just don't see the point in
pretending not to be amused. I think everyone saw the direction this
thread could have gone. I just hoped that we were able to honestly
converse about it, instead of shying away from the conversation.
That's also the reason I'm assuming Uri posted it.

Surely there should be interesting conversations about such an
interesting...assortment of modules.

n 12 December 2012 12:19, Pedro Figueiredo <me at> wrote:
> I concur, imagine he picked up a Perl book yesterday and decided to try this thing out? And imagine he's signed up for this list, or googles is CPAN handle...

In case he does read this, please log on to #perl on freenode. I'm
sure there will be many of us willing to help break it down and
explain what is wrong.

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