cpan you have to see

Joel Bernstein joel at
Wed Dec 12 14:17:27 GMT 2012

On 12 December 2012 14:38, Richard Foley <richard.foley at> wrote:
> I'm sure Uri's point was meant in jovial (xmas?) spirit, and who's to say it's
> not a joke, and how serious do we take all of this, in any case ?-)

Given the kind of feedback the author is getting on CPAN reviews, I'd
say these attacks are not a joke, and people are taking it far too

> On the topic of a CPAN filter: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

I'm more concerned about who keeps the monkeys in their cages from
flinging their faeces around.

> And, finally, that's a good suggestion, Anthony. I've Cc'd him, (perlook),
> here, thinking Alexej might read this mail and investigate further.

Poor guy. What a wonderful welcome he's had to the Perl community.


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