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Alexej Magura perlook at
Wed Dec 12 17:21:13 GMT 2012

As for my rt replies, what did you expect I was gonna say: 'Oh, my bad I
wrote the worst module in the world and you're the king of all; here let me
just remove it real quick.'?  Think again.

*When I call `true()` I get `undef` back (or empty list in list context).
It should return `"i should stop uploading useless modules"` instead.*
Is not a valid bug ticket, and it is not remotely funny.  Imagine how all
of you would feel if you had just signed up for Cpan because you thought it
would be neat to be helpful and contribute something to the perl community
only to have the entire community turn on you.  So much for "There's more
than one way to do it." (Perl's motto) More like "If you don't get it right
the first time, never try again."

Since I joined Cpan, I've only received one bug ticket that was actually
helpful, and I've received four total, to my knowledge.

On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 12:05 PM, Alexej Magura <perlook at> wrote:

> Okay, allow me to clarify what the TrueFalse module that I wrote is trying
> to emulate.  It's trying to emulate the 'true' and 'false' user commands
> available under Linux.
> Haven't you ever done something like this in Unix Shell?
> while true; do ls /var/log/; sleep 5s; clear; done
> The statment 'true' in this example, as far as I know, only returns true
> and that's it.  It may not look very useful, but it can be useful when
> you just need to do something and just want to write 'Just because I
> said so, keep doing A until I say stop.'
> I'm sorry if all of you think that my modules are poorly written, but if
> you want me to take you seriously, then say something productive for a
> change, that is make some suggestions (I'm open to suggestions.)

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