Digest, Vol 86, Issue 13

Wed Dec 12 21:48:43 GMT 2012

On 12 Dec 2012, at 21:33, Alexej Magura <perlook at> wrote:

> How does one know when one 'has something to show'?
>> Gaz
> When the Overloads convene with the Cerebrates and the Overmind agrees with
> them and they give you the greenlight-means-go signal, or at least that's
> what *I've heard*. :P j/k.

Woah. Welcome to the long dark September of the soul. Point of netiquette: 
please don't quote an entire digest when replying, especially with the kind 
of flippant reply I usually do. Better still, don't use a digest at all. In 
this day  and age, our mail clients have filters and threading which is much nicer.

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