PHP "community"

Guinevere Nell guinevere.nell at
Thu Jan 17 16:37:39 GMT 2013

> Having been part of the teams that organized the first YAPC::Europe and
> first LPW there is a good reason for it being free or in the case of YAPC
> as cheap as possible. Kevin Lenzo had done the first YAPC as an alternative
> to expensive conferences, especially thinking of students and/or poorer
> open source hackers. The phrase "Inclusive not exclusive" I remember being
> used a lot.

Yes, IIRC TPC was very expensive and YAPC was the cool alternative ~ I'd
never have gone to TPC but YAPC literally brought me full swing into the
Perl community, and I think it led to a lot of great Open Source and
community development, helped CPAN become what it's become etc. I hope we
haven't forgotten all this, and just become begrudging elitists, in love
with Perl for no good reason....

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