Fosdem Perl-devroom AW1.126, Saturday, Feb 2nd, 11:00-19:00; Success! 14 speakers!

Nicholas Clark nick at
Sun Jan 27 21:03:50 GMT 2013

On Sun, Jan 27, 2013 at 09:48:17PM +0100, Wendy G.A. van Dijk wrote:
> Hello all,
> Fosdem.   We made it.  We've got 14 
> speakers with 14 talks, one for each speaker.  We even have 4 
> lightning talks.  The schedule is craamed with Perly goodness, even 
> without a lunchbreaks and with short 5-minutes breaks.  We even have 

It's a schedule specially tailored to Ilmari :-)

> On Saturday and Sunday, 2nd and 3rd February, we will have a 
> Perl-booth in Building K, level 2, stand number 3.  At the booth you 
> will find the largest library of Perl-books, the big Perl camel, 
> goodies, brochures, tuits, and who knows what more.  Guest of honor 
> at the booth will be: Curtis "Ovid" Poe.  He will present (and sign!) 
> his brand new book "Beginning Perl", of which we will have a decent pile.

Wow, you've got a booth *and* a dev room. That's impressive.
(But not as impressive as getting a schedule put together in 4 days)

I'm curious if there's any easy way to work out which is more effective at
breaking out of the echo chamber. I suspect that it's rather hard to

Nicholas Clark

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