Fosdem Perl-devroom AW1.126, Saturday, Feb 2nd, 11:00-19:00; Success! 14 speakers!

Wendy G.A. van Dijk at
Sun Jan 27 22:18:41 GMT 2013

At 10:03 PM 1/27/2013, Nicholas Clark wrote:
 >Wow, you've got a booth *and* a dev room. That's impressive.
 >(But not as impressive as getting a schedule put together in 4 days)

We had a booth and a dev room in the previous two years!  They were 
the ones who thought it was a good idea to let other have our devroom 
this year, because, well those others don't bother to have a booth, 
but they want a devroom alright.  Ha.


 >I'm curious if there's any easy way to work out which is more effective at
 >breaking out of the echo chamber. I suspect that it's rather hard to

What would work out of the echo chamber:
* attention in tv program or movie (which already happened couple of 
times with Perl code)
* actively mentioning Perl in tv program or movie
* somebody rich paying for ads in magazines, newspapers, tv programs, 
films  (very rich)
* all of us writing press releases about Perl Success Stories from 
our companies / institutes / organisations, and hold down the Perl 
specifics, but be sure to mention Perl Perl Perl (the Java people do so)
* do something cool like a Perl flashmob, or building a mega camel or 
onion, that makes the headlines

Guerilla marketing, it's called.
It takes creativity, boldness, timing and a bit of money (or a whole 
lot of money)

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