Aw: Re: Re: Perl School 4: Database Programming with Perl and DBIx::Class

Roland Schmitz sch.r at
Thu Feb 7 10:11:39 GMT 2013

> >> So one of them might be run close to the LPW. But not on the same day.
> > i never thought it would/should be on the same day. A day before or  
> > after would be great.
> It's unlikely to ever be any closer than a week away. Given that both  
> the LWP and Perl School both run on a Saturday.
not good for me personaly :(
Actually i'm not planing to stay 8 days in London, and comming back a second day is expensive/uncomfortable/... to me.
But ...
Maybe you can offer this training around YAPC::EU like Damian does with his classes?


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