Perl School 4: Database Programming with Perl and DBIx::Class

pierre masci piemas25 at
Thu Feb 7 10:59:25 GMT 2013

I'm naive and haven't used other languages a lot, but Roles definitely
get my vote. I'm thinking about the Throwable and Test::Routine
modules, for example. And Aspects (MooseX::Aspect) are making me quite
intrigued too.
There's good blood flowing into Perl5's veins, some people must realize that.

On 6 February 2013 22:20, Lyle <webmaster at> wrote:
> On 06/02/2013 21:43, Dave Cross wrote:
>> The first two Perl Schools (August and October) were called "Modern Perl
>> for Non-Perl Programmers"[1].
>> Not aimed at absolute beginners, but trying to get users of other
>> languages interested in Modern Perl. I had about 25 people at each class.
> I'm of the opinion that Perl 5 is easier to sell to complete beginners, than
> to pull them away from other (likely more popular and newer) languages. From
> my experience people tend to stick with the language they know. The free
> Perl 5 class I ran in a secondary school was well received by the staff and
> most of the children who attended.
> However, when the time comes, I think Perl 6 for Non-Perl Programmers would
> have a better chance of pulling people (back)? to perl.
> Lyle

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