Perl School 4: Database Programming with Perl and DBIx::Class

Lyle webmaster at
Wed Feb 6 22:20:24 GMT 2013

On 06/02/2013 21:43, Dave Cross wrote:
> The first two Perl Schools (August and October) were called "Modern 
> Perl for Non-Perl Programmers"[1].
> Not aimed at absolute beginners, but trying to get users of other 
> languages interested in Modern Perl. I had about 25 people at each class.

I'm of the opinion that Perl 5 is easier to sell to complete beginners, 
than to pull them away from other (likely more popular and newer) 
languages. From my experience people tend to stick with the language 
they know. The free Perl 5 class I ran in a secondary school was well 
received by the staff and most of the children who attended.

However, when the time comes, I think Perl 6 for Non-Perl Programmers 
would have a better chance of pulling people (back)? to perl.


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