[ANNOUNCE] Thames Valley Perl Mongers

Lyle webmaster at cosmicperl.com
Wed Feb 20 22:59:27 GMT 2013

Hi Oliver,
   Reading is well positioned, with good train connections. It would be 
possible for other groups such as BristolBath, Birmingham, London, etc, 
to arrange dates to visit.


On 20/02/2013 16:06, Oliver Gorwits wrote:
> Hi folks,
> After being dormant for longer than I can remember, the Thames Valley 
> Perl Mongers mail list woke up recently when someone[1] offered to 
> host a meeting.
> I've put together a very short survey to work out how many might be 
> interested. If you live in this corner of the UK and/or fancy coming 
> along, please let us know:
> http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QNPF2V8
> [1] the offer comes from Opsview, a company based at the University of 
> Reading campus who use Perl in their main product (and might be 
> scouting for employees).
> Drop me a note if you have any questions at all.
> regards,
> oliver.

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