Raising Perl awareness on Tiobe + Wikipedia, etc.

James Laver james.laver at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 09:17:14 GMT 2013

On 21 Mar 2013, at 08:08, Mallory van Achterberg <stommepoes at stommepoes.nl> wrote:

> However Javascript, while starting out lacking a lot, today has filled
> in many of the gaps. It never fixed its basic retardation, but
> libraries exist to fix it.

JavaScript is an implementation detail of jQuery*. If something similar existed to make non-DOM JS less painful, perhaps I wouldn't despise node.js so much.

* oh of course I have a list of rants about jQuery, glad you asked. Let's start with position:relative being assumed when you do .show(). Among *many* others. Wow, it really is like perl.

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