Dave Cross dave at
Wed May 8 10:06:13 BST 2013

ISNIC is the Icelandic domain registrar. They deal with the .is ccTLD.  
They have slightly non-standard requirements for the DNS of .is  
domains. See for details.

I usually host my DNS using Gandi. But they aren't on ISNIC's list of  
approved DNS suppliers, so when I bought a couple of years  
ago, I ended up at, using their free service.

Over the last few weeks I've been getting email from ISNIC telling me  
that my domain is in breach of the requirements and that if I don't  
fix in the next four weeks they will suspect my domain. They helpfully  
supply a page that checks your domain for compliance -

Putting in that gives the errors:

Test results for "FNS1.DNSPARK.NET":
The IP address 2001:1850:1:0:107:0:0:d of nameserver  
is missing its PTR record or has an incorrect PTR record.
Test results for "FNS2.DNSPARK.NET":

These are the nameservers for dnspark, so it's nothing that I have  
changed. Either dnspark have recently changed the config of these  
nameservers or ISNIC have only just got round to checking them.

I've tried to talk to dnspark about this, but they won't give me any  
support as I'm on using a free server (yes, I know, you get what you  
pay for).

Does anyone else own .is domains? Where do you host your DNS for them?  
Have you never had problems like this?


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