AJ Dhaliwal adhaliwal34 at
Wed May 8 10:34:14 BST 2013

On 08/05/13 17:06, Dave Cross wrote:
> ISNIC is the Icelandic domain registrar. They deal with the .is ccTLD. 
> They have slightly non-standard requirements for the DNS of .is 
> domains. See for details.
> I usually host my DNS using Gandi. But they aren't on ISNIC's list of 
> approved DNS suppliers, so when I bought a couple of years 
> ago, I ended up at, using their free service.
> Over the last few weeks I've been getting email from ISNIC telling me 
> that my domain is in breach of the requirements and that if I don't 
> fix in the next four weeks they will suspect my domain. They helpfully 
> supply a page that checks your domain for compliance - 
> Putting in that gives the errors:
> Test results for "FNS1.DNSPARK.NET":
> The IP address 2001:1850:1:0:107:0:0:d of nameserver 
> is missing its PTR record or has an incorrect PTR record.
> Test results for "FNS2.DNSPARK.NET":
> These are the nameservers for dnspark, so it's nothing that I have 
> changed. Either dnspark have recently changed the config of these 
> nameservers or ISNIC have only just got round to checking them.
> I've tried to talk to dnspark about this, but they won't give me any 
> support as I'm on using a free server (yes, I know, you get what you 
> pay for).
> Does anyone else own .is domains? Where do you host your DNS for them? 
> Have you never had problems like this?
> Cheers,
> Dave...
> [Who is seriously considering replacing with]
Too late. I have purchased and will sell it to you for 1 million 

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