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Tue May 14 14:05:06 BST 2013

On 13 May 2013 23:18, Lyle <webmaster at> wrote:
> Have you considered training graduates? I hear there are a lot of them out
> of work. I see a lot of Perl jobs wanting and expecting nothing less than
> very experienced Perl programmers. If there aren't enough companies willing
> to give fresh programmers the experience, how are they supposed to get
> there?
> If you cut the roots off an apple tree, don't expect to harvest many apples.


There are lots of companies complaining of a skills gap (not just
within perl, look at newspaper or magazine article about it and you'll
hear the same old lines trotted out), they all seem to expect somebody
else to foot the bill for training and developing staff so they can
reap the benefits.

It's as if they expect a magic skills fairy to somehow sprinkle
developers with 5 years of perl experience, on the ground before them,
obviously that doesn't happen any industry or with any language, but
there is a lot of training available out there if you actually want to
grow a team and train or cross-train them, rather than just poach them
from somebody else.

You don't even need to train them youselves to start with - there are
plenty of training courses available to get them started, or you could
get a trainer onsite.


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