Alternative sources of Perl programmers

Uri Guttman uri at
Tue May 14 15:10:12 BST 2013

On 05/14/2013 09:05 AM, Aaron Trevena wrote:

> You don't even need to train them youselves to start with - there are
> plenty of training courses available to get them started, or you could
> get a trainer onsite.

i tried something like that a few years ago with damian conway. it was 
an offer to employers to fund a group training and then they could hire 
from the students. the problem is no one shop needs to train and hire 10 
people at one time. and few (really none) of the potential clients went 
for such a farsighted concept. also even a week of training by damian 
(or dave cross) won't give actual experience. the trainees might do 
better but still have a steep learning curve in the real world. it is 
more like they need a year of apprenticeship to get the experience they 
need. and no one is going to do that these days.


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