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Tue May 14 18:32:44 BST 2013

On 14 May 2013 09:23, Graham Feegan <Graham.Feegan at> wrote:
> The candidate market is very tough. Over the last 3-6 months there hasn't been many
> new candidates making themselves available or open to new opportunities, therefore
> I can probably understand why your agent might be struggling. Your agent needs to think outside
> the box a little, just advertising and searching Job boards, just doesn't work at the moment.

Indeed that's why you have headhunters like perlhunter and shoeless
who know how to reach perl talent.

> I disagree with your agent about "there aren't many Perl vacancies". There are plenty of Perl roles out there; they are just slightly tricky to fill.

>From the new hires I've seen in both London and in Cornwall at my
current and new employer, I wouldn't it's that tricky.

> Finding PHP Developers is fairly straight forward and offering to cross-train would be appealing to many candidates. However if depends on timescales, can you afford to spend time training someone?

Compared to how long it takes to recruit somebody with just the right
skills and years of experience - sometimes training is both quicker
and cheaper, and the right person is more important than the right
skill set - we've found C++ developers with a few years commercial
experience can transition to perl pretty quickly.

> Don't just rely on the recruitment agency to find you people. Direct advertising and networking can work just as well.


..but -10 for top posting without trimming ;p


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