Announce: ITMegaMeet, 1 June 2013

Peter Haworth pmh1wheel at
Wed May 15 13:58:07 BST 2013

I seem to have forgotten to spread the word here about the upcoming 
ITMegaMeet in Bristol, but better late than never.

This event is a free one-day conference with speakers invited from all 
of the local technical user groups, with the aims of making those groups 
more visible to potential members, and getting people from different 
disciplines together. We have talks lined up on Perl, Ruby, Javascript, 
Scrum, testing, UX, CouchDB, Scala, RPM, CERN's LHC and more. The 
schedule is getting almost full to bursting now, but we still have room 
for lightning talks, so if you want to present as well as listen, let me 

For your no money, you also get fed at lunch time and at the after 
party, where there's an open bar and DJ. I know that a few London.pmers 
attended the first one last year, and they can hopefully back me up on 
it being a worthwhile trip.

Although it's free, you do have to register in advance, with the 
deadline being this Friday. More information and the registration form 
are on the website:

I hope to see some of you there,


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