OT: Cheapo vps hosting

Dave Hodgkinson davehodg at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 14:45:37 BST 2013

I have an entry level web fusion one. It's decent considering.

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On 21 Jun 2013, at 13:54, Ben Tisdall <ben at tisdall.org.uk> wrote:

> I'm moving to Germany and would like to maintain a UK IP address while
> there, primarily to run a web proxy. I'd like to spend no more than 10
> GBP/mo; I don't care too much about uptime and not at all about the
> data on the server, any of this lot set alarm bells ringing?
> http://www.minivps.co.uk/
> http://bitfolk.com/
> http://www.xensmart.co.uk/
> http://www.thrustvps.com/
> https://www.linode.com/
> http://www.swbroadband.co.uk/vps.html
> http://www.cheapvps.co.uk/
> Cheers.

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