Heathrow & Pushchair on BA

Edmund von der Burg evdb at ecclestoad.co.uk
Mon Jul 8 09:26:28 BST 2013

On 8 July 2013 07:21, Smylers <Smylers at stripey.com> wrote:
> Hello there. We've just booked a flight and have a couple of questions
> about it, which I was wondering if anybody who's flown from Heathrow
> terminal 5 or travelled with a pushchair on BA before will be able to
> help with.
> How long do we need to allow for getting through terminal 5? We don't
> want to set our alarms unnecessarily early and have to fill time at the
> airport, but obviously we don't want to miss our flight either.
> The booking information says that we need to drop bags off by 45 minutes
> before departure and have entered security at least 35 minutes before
> departure. Any guidance for translating this into 'time by which we need
> our Tube to have arrived at the platform' gratefully received. We'll
> have bags to drop off, and ideally will be avoiding stairs and
> escalators.

Terminal 5 is nice. There is a Wagamamas for child friendly food, and
a huge soft play area by Gate 7 (with an baby area). Go really early
and get on the plane with a full and tired child. We go three hours
before our flight as it is as nice a place to have breakfast or lunch
and let the dinks play as anywhere else.

Security can take longer with a change bag. Avoid taking ready made
formula (in bottles or cartons) as you'll need to open and taste some
of it. Take powder, getting warm water to make it up later is no
problem, even on plane.

Step free access everywhere, that won't be a problem.

> Our other question is about flying with buggies, especially with BA. The
> flight information says our baby can take "one fully collapsible
> pushchair (stroller)" in addition to his checked luggage allowance. Does
> this mean the pushchair gets handed in with the checked luggage, and we
> have to carry him through security and the gate without?
> Also, any idea if "fully collapsible" means something different from
> "collapsible" to BA -- does our buggy have to be particularly small when
> folded in order to be allowed on at all?

Ideally they'd like an "umbrella buggy" but we've not had problems
with our bigger pram. And our car seats are huge, and they've never
been a problem. Car seats go with the luggage straight away, buggies
are dropped off at gate, and depending on the destination come out
with the normal baggage on the conveyors, or are brought to the
aircraft door after you've landed. Be sure to ask which, as either
waiting around at the door, or having to get some to fetch it from the
door when you're at the conveyors is a pain.

Note with car seats that they don't provide plastic bags to put them
in anymore, so if there are loose bits or straps then best to bring
something to tie them up with.


PS on the ground people get antsy about drugging kids, on a plane
no-one minds. If Calpol makes them sleep better hit them up with it :)
Take lots of jumpers to pad the seats with though - a toddler trying
to lie down invariably gets a buckle or something jammed into them

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