Heathrow & Pushchair on BA

Smylers Smylers at stripey.com
Mon Jul 8 11:19:23 BST 2013

Kieren Diment writes:

> A pushchair is handled in essentially the same way as a wheelchair in
> my experience.  You'll probably be able to get it to the aircraft door
> or steps before stowing it.

Thanks, Kieren.

Edmund von der Burg writes:

> Terminal 5 is nice. There is a Wagamamas for child friendly food, and
> a huge soft play area by Gate 7 (with an baby area). Go really early
> and get on the plane with a full and tired child. We go three hours
> before our flight as it is as nice a place to have breakfast or lunch
> and let the dinks play as anywhere else.

Sounds a good suggestion.

But supposing we weren't to follow it, how long do you reckon it takes
for getting from Tube platform through baggage drop and to security?
(Obviously we'll add margins of error as well -- I'm just interested in
what the base time is for adding on to.)

We aren't great with mornings, our flight is a little earlier than
we'd've liked, and we'll have our baby's breakfast on us[*1], so I
suspect we won't plan to wake a sleeping baby just to spend longer at an
airport terminal, however nice it is.

  [*1] That statement will probably also be true, with a slightly
  different meaning, after breakfast time.

> Security can take longer with a change bag. Avoid taking ready made
> formula (in bottles or cartons) as you'll need to open and taste some
> of it. Take powder, getting warm water to make it up later is no
> problem, even on plane.

Useful -- thanks.

> > Also, any idea if "fully collapsible" means something different from
> > "collapsible" to BA -- does our buggy have to be particularly small
> > when folded in order to be allowed on at all?
> Ideally they'd like an "umbrella buggy" but we've not had problems
> with our bigger pram.

Phew! Ours does collapse, but into a plane rather than a line.

> buggies are dropped off at gate, and depending on the destination come
> out with the normal baggage on the conveyors, or are brought to the
> aircraft door after you've landed. Be sure to ask which,

Again, most useful to know.

Thank you


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