new Perl project / startup - Need advice

Pierre M piemas25 at
Tue Jul 23 16:01:39 BST 2013

Good luck for your startup Bob, let us know how it goes (maybe on

Avishalom Shalit <avishalom at> wrote:
my only advice, if you are promised anything, be promised it in writing.
(I do know quite a few people from whom i would not require  a promise in
writing, but they are very much the ones who will insist on it themselves
(so if they get investors later, they will be bound by the same promise.
etc.) )

-- vish

vish, we don't know how to write such a agreement (that's the easy part -
we will search), and it might be hard to choose what is reasonable for both
of us. But yup, we have to do this pretty soon. Probably when i have better
defined what my exact role is, in the project: it could be more
programming, or maths and research-oriented, or both ; could be doing
things or coordinating things, or both ; could be as a self-employed
consultant or as a partner. The bottom line being: if i become a partner,
it has to be written down somewhere, with the details (probably complex,
but i won't go into the details).

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