Installing WWW::Webkit on Debian/Mint

Andrew Beverley andy at
Mon Jul 22 18:15:03 BST 2013


Quick question: has anybody had any success installing WWW::Webkit on
Debian (v7.1) or Linux Mint (v12)?

I won't list all the problems that I am having just now (suffice to say
they are various recursive dependency failures that I don't want to
spend lots of time on). I'm more interested to know if anyone's
installed it without a problem and if there is an "easy" way to do so
(there isn't a Debian package).

Alternatively, what are people's recommendations for interacting with a
website using a Perl (or indeed other) script? I am trying to automate
interaction with a rather clunky HR website at work (to perform a
repetitive task), and don't have the luxuries of an API or similar.



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