Perl publishing and attracting new developers

gvim gvimrc at
Thu Sep 19 20:39:13 BST 2013

On 19/09/2013 19:28, Peter Corlett wrote:

>> I don't think a book published purely in German is that relevant.
> People who speak Mandarin, Hindi or Spanish no doubt have much the same opinion of books published purely in English.

Relevant as in relevant to solving the suggested dearth of applied Perl 

> I didn't ask which books you would like to exist to sit unsold in bookshops on the off-chance they might influence other people's opinion. I asked which books you would buy with your own money.

The original post raised the issue of what is available to new 
developers in terms of generating mindshare for Perl as a choice of 
language. I've been in Perl for a while so it's not about me.

> That you apparently desire this book to also include a tutorial on the various Perl APIs so as to spoon-feed the exact answers says more about you and/or your opinion of other developers than the state of the Perl publishing market.

Again, it's not about me. It's about what's out there in other scripting 
languages and how that affects mindshare for new Perl developers. The 
REST example was used only to make a point. The fact that you can get by 
on RFCs and 15-year-old CGI books is irrelevant. A lot of new developers 
look at what's on the (virtual) bookshelves and get a sense of which 
languages are more active.


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