Perl publishing and attracting new developers

Peter Corlett abuse at
Fri Sep 20 00:21:58 BST 2013

On 19 Sep 2013, at 20:39, gvim <gvimrc at> wrote:
> Again, it's not about me. It's about what's out there in other scripting languages and how that affects mindshare for new Perl developers. The REST example was used only to make a point. The fact that you can get by on RFCs and 15-year-old CGI books is irrelevant. A lot of new developers look at what's on the (virtual) bookshelves and get a sense of which languages are more active.

So what?

The Perl community is not a cult or dotcom hell-bent on growth. If somebody new discovers Perl and uses it, that's great. If they don't, I'm cool with that too.

You clearly disagree. I'm also cool with that. However, your petulant whinges on this mailing list aren't going to achieve anything, except perhaps to add your name to a few killfiles. If you are so passionate about seeing new niche Perl books written as you are making out, you had better fire up your editor and get cracking.

Or to use an infamous Perl acronym, STFUAWSC. Except C stands for "copy".

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