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On 19/09/2013 19:28, Peter Corlett wrote:

> As it happens, I own a copy of "REST in Practice". I fished it out
 > of my "to read" pile and given it a quick skim. The handful of
 > examples within are in C# and Java, but it's not called "RESTful APIs
 > with C#/Java" for a reason: this is a book about REST itself and
 > some of the common RESTful protocols, not a programming textbook.

For similar reasons (I assume) the excellent "The Art Of Unit Testing" 
has "with examples in .NET" printed in a much smaller font, in grey, in 
a light weight typeface, on a white background:

The language is irrelevant.

That link, incidentally, is to the first edition, which is a very good 
book indeed. There's a second edition out next week, which I've not seen.

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