Perl publishing and attracting new developers

gvim gvimrc at
Fri Sep 20 07:46:10 BST 2013

On 20/09/2013 00:21, Peter Corlett wrote:
> You clearly disagree. I'm also cool with that.

I doubt that, judging by the tone of your replies.

> However, your petulant whinges on this mailing list aren't going to achieve anything, except perhaps to add your name to a few killfiles. If you are so passionate about seeing new niche Perl books written as you are making out, you had better fire up your editor and get cracking.
> Or to use an infamous Perl acronym, STFUAWSC. Except C stands for "copy".

Oh well, I should have known better than to engage in discussion with 
someone whose email address begins with "abuse". Have a nice life.


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