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> (TL;DR version: I've lost my A-Z and haven't been to London in ages, so I need help locating a Metro station and hotels.)
> Greetings all!
> I will be traveling to England this November to spend time in London and Telford. I am arriving in London (Heathrow) on the 2nd of November, going up to Telford on the 7th, then returning to London for one night on the 10th before I fly back to California on Monday the 11th.
> For the 7th-10th, I have a hotel reservation in Telford (I'm coming for a hobby convention, so I've reserved at the hotel near the International Centre). However, for the 2nd-7th, and for the night of the 10th, I still need to make some reservations. Problem is, I haven't been out there in about 7 years. I can't even find my old A-Z guide. I have forgotten which station I'll be taking the bus (or rail) from to get from London to Telford, and vice-versa. (Fortunately, the rail and bus station in Telford is right by the International Centre, so I'm not worried about the Telford side of my trip.)
> Last time I was out, I stayed near the theater district district. I was a pleasant walk to the Metro station, one of the major ones (Victoria, maybe?). But it wasn't the station I used to get to Telford, and *this* time I expect to be carrying a little more luggage (I plan to bring a few models to the show). So I would prefer to get a hotel closer to the Metro station that I'll be leaving from for Telford. I would also like to find a place that will make it (relatively) easy to get to Heathrow Monday morning for my flight out.
> So, what I could use help with is this: Firstly, can someone identify for me what the Metro station is that I would be leaving from to go to Telford. Then, what postal code(s) should I look for hotels in? I figure I'll use or something like that to actually find a place in my budget range. But I don't know where anything is, and without my A-Z I can't even look things up! Lastly, suggestions for a place, or at least the postal codes to look in, to stay on the 10th as well.
> Cheers in advance for all help!
> Randy
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