Could use some hotel/travel help

Joel Bernstein joel at
Thu Sep 26 10:29:31 BST 2013

On 26 September 2013 06:14, Randy J. Ray <rjray at> wrote:

> So, what I could use help with is this: Firstly, can someone identify for
> me what the Metro station is that I would be leaving from to go to Telford.
> Then, what postal code(s) should I look for hotels in? I figure I'll use
> or something like that to actually find a place in my budget
> range. But I don't know where anything is, and without my A-Z I can't even
> look things up! Lastly, suggestions for a place, or at least the postal
> codes to look in, to stay on the 10th as well.

You'll travel to Telford (via Birmingham/Wolverhampton) from Euston rail
station. It's accessible by at least 3 Underground lines (you'll want to
get to Euston or Euston Square underground stations). It's not a very
interesting area but James already suggested some nearby. As Dave says,
it's not hard to get to Euston, you can always take a taxi, better to stay
somewhere you like the look / sound of. Postcodewise you're talking NW1 I
think. Do understand that cheap hotels in London are not cheap and tend to
be appallingly low quality.

I'm not sure why you consider an outdated A-Z essential, just use Google
Maps like everybody else does.


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