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Thu Sep 26 12:51:49 BST 2013

On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 09:14:07PM -0700, Randy J. Ray wrote:

>                       So I would prefer to get a hotel closer to the 
> Metro station that I'll be leaving from for Telford.

Euston.  You'll probably need to change trains at one of the Birmingham
stations.  See

>                                                    I would also like 
> to find a place that will make it (relatively) easy to get to Heathrow 
> Monday morning for my flight out.

Heathrow is at the end of the Piccadilly line, and has trains from
Paddington. If the flight is horribly early, I'd just stay at one of
the ghastly hotels at the airport*. Otherwise, stay near Paddington, as
the train is a lot quicker than the Piccadilly line.

* I've not stayed at any of them, but they're at an airport so are bound
  to be horrid. Everything to do with airports is.

> So, what I could use help with is this: Firstly, can someone identify 
> for me what the Metro station is that I would be leaving from to go to 
> Telford. Then, what postal code(s) should I look for hotels in? I figure 
> I'll use or something like that to actually find a place in 
> my budget range. knows about areas of London, so no postcode necessary, just
tell it "Paddington" or "Euston".

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