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Alan Mosca nitbix at
Thu Sep 26 10:42:42 BST 2013

I've got one word for you : Priceline. You can easily get sub 100$ per
night and have a 4*, depending on period. YMMV.
I wouldn't worry about the station, you can get to Euston from anywhere in
zones 1-2 within half an hour max, and hotels tend to be near transport.
Also don't underestimate the power of the red buses.
On 26 Sep 2013 10:32, "Smylers" <Smylers at> wrote:

> Randy J. Ray writes:
> > Last time I was out, I stayed near the theater district district. I
> > was a pleasant walk to the Metro station, one of the major ones
> > (Victoria, maybe?). But it wasn't the station I used to get to
> > Telford, and *this* time I expect to be carrying a little more luggage
> > (I plan to bring a few models to the show). So I would prefer to get a
> > hotel closer to the Metro station that I'll be leaving from for
> > Telford.
> Is it the total distance from your hotel to Euston that you wish to
> minimize, or the distance walking?
> If the latter, then any hotel near a Tube stop that has direct trains to
> Euston would do, and what matters is how close the hotel is to that Tube
> station, not how many stops it is from Euston.
> My experience of staying in various central London hotels is that nearly
> all of them are either eye-wateringly expensive (generally chains) or
> shockingly shabby (often small guest houses, some with ‘hotel’ in their
> names; in some cases they've been verging on unhygienic).
> We'll also be spending a couple of nights in London in November, where
> we found a Premier Inn quoting £189 for 1 night, which is crazy money
> for a budget hotel.
> So we went for the St Paul's YHA. We've stayed there before. It's
> pleasantly done out, inexpensive, very centrally located, and without
> the massive ‘ick’ factor of the cheap hotels I've stayed in. In general
> I recommend it. (I can't remember how much lockable storage space you
> get in a shared room though, which is obviously relevant to somebody
> travelling with models.)
> > I would also like to find a place that will make it (relatively) easy
> > to get to Heathrow Monday morning for my flight out.
> Last month we stayed at the Jurys Inn in Hatton Cross, before our
> morning flight from Heathrow. It's very close to Hatton Cross Tube
> station (there's just one building between the two, albeit a reasonably
> sized one), which is on the perimeter fence of Heathrow; it's just 1 or
> 2 stops on the Tube to your terminal. The hotel was fine, and the staff
> friendly:
> Good luck with sorting it out
> Smylers
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