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Smylers Smylers at
Thu Sep 26 10:20:08 BST 2013

Randy J. Ray writes:

> Last time I was out, I stayed near the theater district district. I
> was a pleasant walk to the Metro station, one of the major ones
> (Victoria, maybe?). But it wasn't the station I used to get to
> Telford, and *this* time I expect to be carrying a little more luggage
> (I plan to bring a few models to the show). So I would prefer to get a
> hotel closer to the Metro station that I'll be leaving from for
> Telford.

Is it the total distance from your hotel to Euston that you wish to
minimize, or the distance walking?

If the latter, then any hotel near a Tube stop that has direct trains to
Euston would do, and what matters is how close the hotel is to that Tube
station, not how many stops it is from Euston.

My experience of staying in various central London hotels is that nearly
all of them are either eye-wateringly expensive (generally chains) or
shockingly shabby (often small guest houses, some with ‘hotel’ in their
names; in some cases they've been verging on unhygienic).

We'll also be spending a couple of nights in London in November, where
we found a Premier Inn quoting £189 for 1 night, which is crazy money
for a budget hotel.

So we went for the St Paul's YHA. We've stayed there before. It's
pleasantly done out, inexpensive, very centrally located, and without
the massive ‘ick’ factor of the cheap hotels I've stayed in. In general
I recommend it. (I can't remember how much lockable storage space you
get in a shared room though, which is obviously relevant to somebody
travelling with models.)

> I would also like to find a place that will make it (relatively) easy
> to get to Heathrow Monday morning for my flight out.

Last month we stayed at the Jurys Inn in Hatton Cross, before our
morning flight from Heathrow. It's very close to Hatton Cross Tube
station (there's just one building between the two, albeit a reasonably
sized one), which is on the perimeter fence of Heathrow; it's just 1 or
2 stops on the Tube to your terminal. The hotel was fine, and the staff

Good luck with sorting it out

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