Perl Doom and Gloom

Kent Fredric kentfredric at
Thu Sep 26 15:13:06 BST 2013

On 26 September 2013 23:37, Kieren Diment <diment at> wrote:

> I've noticed a couple of threads in here recently about how perl's
> situation is all doom and gloom.  Just so you know, I've noticed a handful
> of new, very non-trivial perl projects to produce important infrastructure
> of international importance over the last few months.

Weird. I've been getting an opposite effect myself. Maybe I'm just ignoring
the doom and gloom crowd. But I keep discovering cool new stuff turning up,
stuff that makes it even harder for me to ever use something that isn't

Also, some of us are writing books! :D

#youdontknowperl  </shameless self promotion>


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