Multi argument open and STDERR

Paul Weaver paul.weaver at
Thu Oct 3 21:26:34 BST 2013

I have a program that needs to run an external program (ffmpeg)

I do this by running

my $cmd = "$FFMPEG -i '$file' 2>&1|"
open(CMD, $cmd); while (<CMD>) { #blah } ; close(CMD);

This works fine. Until there's a single quote in the filename.

Reading the docs,

Should do the trick, and if I do
        open(CMD, "-|", "ls", "-l", $file);
        while (<CMD>) {
                print "   TEST: $_\n";

It works fine.

The trouble is, ffmpeg outputs the -i information on STDERR, not STDOUT.

        open(CMD, "-|", "ffmpeg", "-i", $file, "2>&1");
        while (<CMD>) {
                print "   TEST: $_\n";

Obviously doesn't work, as 2>&1 is a bash redirection.

How can I capture STDERR?


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