Tourist-y suggestions?

Randy J. Ray rjray at
Fri Nov 1 03:12:39 GMT 2013

Hello folks,

First of all, thanks to everyone who helped me with finding a hotel in 
response to my previous email. I ended up using, and I have 
to say I was most impressed with their UI and ease-of-use.

I'm flying out tomorrow, scheduled to land on Saturday. I have a little 
bit of tourism pre-planned, but I'm looking for a few interesting, 
not-the-usual-tourist-spot ideas. I've been to London several times 
before, so I've seen a lot of the museums and typical attractions. What 
I'm looking for are things that the average tourist might not know 
about-- walking tours, particularly interesting museum exhibits, 
off-beat things. Good book and/or music stores would be interesting, 
too. I thought I heard about a Doctor Who exhibition somewhere, for the 
lead-up to the 50th coming up, is that true? Things like that would be 
ideal! My hotel is near Paddington Station, with several tube stops 
within a reasonable walk... safe to say I can get most places pretty easily.

Unfortunately for me, I'll miss the social this Thursday, as that's the 
day I head up to Telford for the convention I'm attending.

As before, any and all ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated...

Randy J. Ray      Sunnyvale, CA 
rjray at
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