Tourist-y suggestions?

Mark Fowler mark at
Fri Nov 1 03:44:21 GMT 2013

On Thursday, 31 October 2013 at 23:12, Randy J. Ray wrote:
> I'm flying out tomorrow, scheduled to land on Saturday. I have a little
> bit of tourism pre-planned, but I'm looking for a few interesting,  
> not-the-usual-tourist-spot ideas.

In case you get bored of the London suggestions:
- Bletchley Park is 1h:22min out of Euston.  Turing et al exhibit.  Ian Fleming exhibit.  UK computer museum.  Working Colossus replica.  

- If you want quaint ye-olde UK, Chippenham is 1h:15min out Paddington station - from there it’s a 20min taxi ride to drinking in the 16th century pubs that are featured in BBC dramas such as Pride and Prejudice, Cranford, etc.  (This is my old home town where I grew up, let me know if you want more info)


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