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David Cantrell david at
Mon Nov 4 13:38:01 GMT 2013

On Fri, Nov 01, 2013 at 01:30:57PM +0000, Nicholas Clark wrote:

> 2) Is there any sane choice of file system to use which will mount read/write
>    on both Linux and OS X, and support at least basic POSIX features?
>    (ownership, permissions, hard links) (on Snow Leopard, if it matters)

ZFS. You'll need third-party drivers and tools for both platforms, but
it works well on both OSes now. DO NOT use ZFS on Mavericks though, not
yet. There's enough noise on the mailing lists that I don't quite trust
it yet.

Or UFS, with the caveat that Apple's version has bugs that were fixed
squillions of years ago in *BSD, which limit filesystems to (I think)
1TB. Or maybe 2. Something small anyway.

Or NFS, of course, backed with a POSIXy filesystem.

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